It’s true, I am a migraine sufferer but I don’t have a migraine today. I have an “it’s-too-much-right-now-and-I-need-a-break” headache right now. The kind where I just don’t want to deal with anyone not living in my home. You’ve been there, right? It’s a tough spot and we all need a break every now and then. Today I need a break from “it”.


For me, as a reunited adoptee (I can only speak for myself), there is this whole other family that has been mixed in with daily family life of husband and kids, my immediate family of parents and brother and his family who all live a distance away, aunts, uncles, cousins….too many to count, and my in-laws who drift in and out of our lives when it’s convenient for them.  For the past 16 years, this entire birth family filled with a whole assortment of wonderful loving people has been included too. They are anxious to get to know me, I am anxious to get to know them, it really is fun, wonderful, great, but also, stressful, and exhausting. What if I offend them? What if they don’t like me? What if I fail at being a reunited adoptee? What if….?

Just take a moment and breathe. Sometimes, it gets to be too much. I need a break.

It’s ok. I don’t have to respond to every text, FaceBook message, tweet, email, Instagram post. Sometimes, I just have to stop and take care of me. I have to make sure that I am ok. That my children and husband are ok too. It’s a lot. A lot of life is happening to us right now and I need a break.

I need some self-care. I took a nap today. I found time to read. I started a selfish project for me. I did stuff for me. I talked with my mom and one of my besties about my stress and they were calm, listened, and told me how much they love me. I needed that. I needed someone to listen to me and I needed someone to give me their attention.